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Bacon & Butter: The Ultimate
Ketogenic Diet Cookbook Now!
Discover 148 amazing ketogenic recipes inside this special edition of our New York Times Bestseller…plus more. And today we’re GIVING it away 100% FREE!

    Discover what ketosis is, what the Keto Diet looks like, and how to induce ketosis in your body so you start burning fat (instead of protein and carbs) for energy.
    You’ll want to avoid almost all carbohydrates on the Keto Diet (don’t worry, it’s easier than it sounds)… and this handy list shows you which high-carb foods to avoid.
    The science behind cravings and how to instantly neutralize them with Keto-specific foods that are healthy for your body.
    Breakfast doesn’t have to be boring… you’ll get 18 different keto recipes, including Eggs Benedict, Cream Cheese Pancakes, Cheesy Avocado Baked Eggs, and Raspberry Scones.

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